Our History

A dream come true.

Alija Rama (09.08.1975-21.10.2015) was a student at the electro technical school. He was the founder of Albad and the base of our company. He worked for Albad tirelessly turning it from a family business to a business present all around Kosovo. With his sacrifices he contributed immensely for Albad, which he left into his family’s possession to continue this successful path.


Our History

Origins of the restaurant

Albad Company was founded in Prizren in 1993. It was founded as a factory for production of powder and grain foods, with tendency to expand its production program to wider population, but exclusively with products recognized and declared as healthy food. That is the reason why Albad based its production on modern, worldwide recognized technologies, giving all the attention to improving quality of its products, technical enabling and education of its employees, and application of international quality standards.

Technological process provides the highest level of quality of our products, and fully automated and closed production system completely eliminated contamination risks. Raw materials used in production also must meet the highest quality standards. We apply strict chemical and microbiological control of both raw materials used in production and final product itself.


Why choose us

Why we are the best

Albad meets expectations of both domestic and foreign market with its development program, technologies and rich palette of products. Export orientation conditioned this company to become stabile partner in provision of quality products in many markets, which makes it a leader in not just market in Kosovo, but also in countries of Western Balkans, Italy and other European countries. We are interested in distribution of our products not just in neighboring countries, but remote markets as well.

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Our Desire

Come with us in a together journey

Our desire is that Albad becomes a European company with high product quality, production conditions, modern technologies and strategic marketing. We are planning to expand the assortment and thus employ more experts and trained workers, and to make Albad a reason to stay and have future in our country for those who have knowledge, working energy and faith in success.

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.”
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